5 Keys to a Positive Family Law Experience

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Think about your 5-year-old’s drawing on the fridge. The sun is shining. There’s your house, the letterbox. The front lawn, your dog (he’s purple, for some reason). And then there’s your little family, together, all holding hands.

Now imagine tearing the drawing in two.

Separating is hard enough – adding children to the equation opens up a whole new can of complexity.

The good news is you have the power to shape their experience positively and move on as a happy, united family, even while going your separate ways. And it all starts by thinking about what’s best for your kids.

We’ve put together our 5 keys to a positive family law experience.

1. Do your own research

It’s easy to feel lost and lonely during a separation – but your kids will need you to be strong. Thankfully help is never far away. There are many handy online resources to help you understand your situation and options (you may even be able to deal with the matter by yourself). If not, an initial legal consultation is a great way to shine a light on what moves to make next.

2. Find a law firm that specialises in Family Law

The thought of involving lawyers is scary. At least with family law specialists, you know it’s all about you. Legal teams that work exclusively with families don’t just have an unsurpassed understanding of family law – they have an intimate understanding of what you’re going though. By leaning on their skill, experience and expertise, you’re essentially ‘cutting to the chase’ from the get-go. And that’s key to a smooth experience for you and your kids.

3. Make a list

At times like this, you want to move the process on as quickly and painlessly as possible. So to get the most out of your initial appointment, make sure you prepare well. We don’t mean read the constitution front to back – just ask yourself a few questions. What do we want for our kids? How long does this process usually take? What can I do to settle as soon as possible? What realistic result can I expect? What am I prepared to spend?

4. Get your game face on

Inside you might feel like a shattered mess of emotional fragments, but it’s important to put a brave face on for your kids. It’s time to take control. Be organised and have a realistic plan and timeline. The more on top of your game you are, the more your lawyer will be able to smoothly guide you through the process. Be upfront and proactive signing and supplying all your financial details and documents. It’s the best way to move things along swiftly.

5. Play fair

Things go a lot smoother when we stick to the plan. The best way to keep the family united when you separate is to agree on a fair resolution for all involved. It’s easy to let emotions and outside influences unsettle the process but remember your kids – the more you drag this out, the more drama seeps in, the more distracting and impactful it is on them. It pays to remind yourself that the money you save in legal fees could be the amount you are fighting for.

A positive experience starts with CMS Legal

When family life feels like it’s unravelling, you need solutions to make you feel whole again.
See it through with CMS Legal. We’re no ordinary lawyers – we give our experts the freedom and flexibility to spend more one-on-one time with you, so it feels less like advice, and more like a casual catch-up.

Because we deal exclusively in family law, we can help you cut through the confusing jargon and make the right decisions to get life back on track.

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