Have you been caught in possession of an illicit drug? Maybe you’ve been charged with supplying to others or trafficking overseas?

Drug offences are treated as a serious criminal matter in Australia’s legal system, with harsh penalties in place including the potential for imprisonment. So if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you’re likely feeling extremely anxious about your future.

To ensure you make fully informed choices, you need the right information and the most realistic and accurate legal advice. At CMS Legal, our expert criminal law experts can walk you through all aspects of the law relating to drug offences.

  • Make sense of your charge
  • Understand the court system
  • Discuss potential sentencing outcomes

Our highly experienced professionals will help guide you through the process.

What we can assist you with:
  • Sentencing outcomes
  • Prohibited drugs and plants
  • Possession or use of a prohibited drug
  • Possessing or cultivating a prohibited plant
  • Selling, supplying or manufacturing prohibited drug
  • Selling or supplying prohibited plant
  • Prohibited drugs in connection with premises
  • Possession of pre-cursors
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug driving
The Process
  1. Phone call
    To fully understand the charges laid against you, we’ll start by chatting about your situation via a phone call assessment.
  2. Book your free one-hour consultation
    If it sounds like our criminal lawyers can help, we’ll arrange a free one-hour appointment. To make the most of your time with us, be sure to send any documents, such as Statements of Material Facts, Prosecution Notices and Search Warrants, for us to review prior to your appointment.
  3. Free one-hour consultation
    We’ll use this first meeting to explain your situation and how the court system works, as well as potential sentencing outcomes and your options for pleading guilty or not guilty.
  4. Move forward
    Now that you have a clearer idea of where you stand, we can assist you in deciding what the best next step is.

Ready to find out where you stand? Book your free one-hour consultation with CMS Legal by filling out the form or call us on 08 9207 1866.

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