Now what?

Making the most of your current situation.

When life throws a curveball and family life doesn’t work out quite the way you planned, it can feel like you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you. Emotions run high, stress levels skyrocket – yet somehow you have to collect yourself and make big decisions.

At least you know the caring team at CMS Legal is here to help. In the decade we’ve spent in the shoes of real families and couples, we’ve found it helps to stop, take stock, and think about exactly where you’re at now so you can plan your next move.

Match yourself with the situation that best suits you below and let’s go from there.

Man and women standing apart

Thinking about separation

Are you thinking about splitting with your partner?

arrows facing in opposite directions

Already separated

Do you need to know about the road ahead, and what to do next?

icon of parent and child

Children matters

What happens to our children? Moving on starts with understanding.

Dollar sign symbol

Maintenance & Cost of Living

Are you the primary income earner in your former relationship?

House icon

Settling Property Matters

What happens when there’s
property involved?

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Are you or your partner considering relocating with children, so what next?

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